Bridegroom & Bride Care

It creates amazing, unbelievable glow which adds as an extra tinge to your skin before you tie the knot with your better half. Oh just be cautious! That shouldn’t create fight to discover who looks the best on the day ! In short, we can describe it as “the best treat your body can ever get”.

Duration : 5 Sessions, each of about 1hr. 15 min. to 2 hrs.
Cost : Single : Rs. 17,500/- | Couple : Rs. 30,000/-

Computer Eye Care Programme

Recommended for : those who work extensively on computers, Who are always exposed to bright lights. One with refractive errors. Red eyes due to pollution, smoke, dust or exposure to heat. Itching of the eyes, burning sensation in the eyes, decrease in the perception of vision. Weakness of eyes, or feeling heaviness of the eyelids.

Duration : 5 Days
Cost : Rs. 5,500/-

Hair Care Therapy

To arrest hair fall & promote hair growth, few sittings of Abhyanga – Swedanam and Shirodhara are advised after proper consultation by Doctor. Effective internal medicines provide proper nutrition and improve hair texture.

Duration: 30 mins

Neck & Back Care Programme

Strongly Recommended For : Paraspinal pain, Neck & shoulder pain, Long hour office workers, Neck stiffness & Trapezitis, Low back pain, Long Distance driving,Early stage of frozen shoulder & Pain & tingling sensation in arms.

Duration : 7 Days
Cost : Rs. 9,900/-