Detox 3

Tired with whole months hectic work schedule ?
Unhealthy, Untimely eating habits putting your tummy in a tantrum ? Feeling exhausted even to walk till the 1st Floor ? Just grab 3 days in hand. to give your body and mind a complete internal makeover.

It is right time to go for Detox because…
Make body feel smooth-n-soft.
Cleanses skin pores n improves skin texture.
Helps clear your bowels and makes your day fresher.
Controls vata of your body.
Gives you a complete refreshed feeling.

Duration : 4 Days
Cost : Rs. 10,500/-

Detox 5

Detox 5 is an incredible combination of treatments where your internal body and external outlook is taken complete care of. Its like channelizing your body to walk on the right road from the disturbed pathways.

We provide you a great combo of pure Ayurvedic treat which will not only refresh you, but also revitalize your Inner strengths, i.e. Increase your stamina, decreases your mental stress and leave you with relaxed feeling. At the end of this treat you feel as light as bird and you can have greater power!

Duration : 5 Days
Cost : Rs. 15,000/-

Detox 7

We introduce to you our complete body, mind and soul relaxing Detox 7. Not only do we leave you with a well cleansed body, but also this threapy, provides complete mental relaxation and you will find yourself with crystal clear and stable mind at the end of this treat.

Overall, It’s a great experience. Detox 7 balances all the 3 doshas and prolongs the ageing process naturally.

Duration : 8 Days
Cost : Rs. 24,000/-