We at Kerala Ayurved provide various services to the nature of the clients. Wish how you would like to spend the time here
we can talk and come to a conclusion.

Kerala Ayurvedic Treatments

This head, neck and shoulder treatment begins with a reviving scalp massage that helps to improve circulation, prevent hair loss, dryness and breakage of hair.

Beauty & Rejuvenation

It creates amazing, unbelievable glow which adds as an extra tinge to your skin before you tie the knot with your better half. Oh just be cautious! That shouldn’t create

Pregnancy / Post Delivery Care

Ayurveda is Mother Nature’s protection to mother and child. This treatment is free from toxins and side effects.It is only a combination of medicine, food

Weight Reduction Therapy

When a person is 20% or more than his ideal weight, person is classified “overweight”. To reduce this excess weight, we use the most scientific and natural ways,

Detox Therapies

Unhealthy, Untimely eating habits putting your tummy in a tantrum ? Feeling exhausted even to walk till the 1st Floor ? Just grab 3 days in hand. to give your body

Suvarna Prashan Sanskar

This is a scientifically prepared authentic medication containing potent Ayurvedic herbs honey, cows ghee & suddha Suvarnabhasma. These drops

Wellness Therapies

A synchronized massage by two therapists to keep your body fit. It has a quick refreshing effect, which lasts for more than two weeks. After a 45 minutes

Why Kerala Ayurved Clinic?


Team of Qualified Doctors

“Ayurvedacharya”, under the guidance of Dr. Mrs. Shubhada M.D. (Gold Medalist) (Ayurveda) & Dr. Ramesh M.D. (Gold Medalist) (Ayurveda).

Well Trained Masseurs

Specialized well trained therapists from Kerala. ( Male & Female for Gents & Ladies respectively).

Prakruti Parikshanam

Thorough examination of every ‘Person’s Body Constitution’ is done and specific treatment or therapy is advised accordingly.