Ayurveda is Mother Nature’s protection to mother and child. This treatment is free from toxins and side effects.It is only a combination of medicine, food and living style. Today, the woman is not restricted to the household jobs but capturing new horizons everyday, in addition to looking after her family, and home. Her career demands a lot from her, and it is because of this stressful stage that she is unable to give her the time to take care of her body and mind, especially during the pregnancy period.

Infertility: after proper consultation & ‘Prakruti Parikshnam’, specific regimen of natural Ayurvedic Medicines and Panchakarma shall be advised.

Pregnancy Care

Monthwise Specific Treatment: to avoid any pregnancy complication, habitual abortions, intra uterine growth retardation and safe delivery.
Lactation: to improve lactation , during and after pregnancy specific Ayurvedic preparations are given.
Post delivery care: Weight Management, Quality Lactation, Skin toning, Hair care.
Neonatal (New born’s) Massage: in a gentle, way under medical expert supervision.

Ante Natal Care

Adding to her already, stressful life as wife and executive has now come the most beautiful time in a woman’s life. Giving Life. In this time of nuclear families, there is no one to give the mother to be proper guidance and help during this period. We in the ayurvedic field for the last many years; and MD’s with more than 15 years experience in this field, offer you the advice of sages that goes back 1000’s of years.

For the correct behavioral patterns during this period, along with simple exercises, proper diet and lifestyles to help give birth to a beautiful, strong baby, and which will help both mother and baby in the years to come. Beginning with the Charak Samhita, which for guidance on conception and infertility, to the Kashyap Samhita the whole process is explained in perfection.

There is a balanced diet and correct herbal drinks to be consumed during the different stages of pregnancy, to give strength and healthy growth of the foetus. During the last period, there are certain procedures by which the delivery passage is lubricated naturally thereby facilitating easy delivery, thus making labour pains much easier to bear.

Post Natal Care

After delivery the mother and baby get proper massages with Medicated oils, herbal drinks, medicines for proper lactation, getting back the physical fitness one had, most importantly stay fit.