Kerala Ayurved ,clinics,massage therapy,beauty treatment,rejuvenation.

Kerala Ayurved ,clinics,massage therapy,beauty treatment,rejuvenation.



Its powder massage. External application of medicinal fine powder accompanied by massage, on the whole body. Various medicinal powders used according to body constitution of the person. This procedure is generally carried out at the starting of any procedure so that skin condition is improved. Excess fat can be decreased and one feels lighter.


Total body  & head massage with special Ayurvedic Oils followed by medicinal steam and hot water bath, to achieve desired effects on body and soul.

Pinda-Swedam (Navarakizhi)

In this procedure the whole body or part of it is made to perspire by the external application of bundle warnm medicinal pudding accompained by massage. At the end a bath with the hot water is given.
It helps a lot in toning the muscles and in relieving joint pain, improving the skin complexion. In chronic conditions like osteo-arthritis, insomnia, rheumatism this procedure offers  relief to good extent.

Kayasekam (Pizhichil)

In this procedure warm medicated oil is poured on the body continuously in a special pattern. It is quite effective in pain and stiffness of limbs and joints general weakness after illness.

Patra Pottali Swedam 

The whole body, or selective region is made to perspire by application  of bundle of specific plant leaves warmed with medicated oil accompanied by massage.


Specially prepared medicated oil / milk / butter milk is poured on the forehead continuously with specific temperature.
This is best for disturbed sleep, chronic headaches, arresting hair fall and improving concentration.


Feet massage, with medicated oil. It promotes good sleep & gives very good relaxing feeling, good for  eyes .


In a short one can understand this as medicinal enema. It is a process of introducing the medicated fluid material  or oil through the anal route, as it has a good absorbing capacity. It revises and  rejuvenates the body and solves bowel problems too. Helps in backaches due to various causes.

Kati Basti

Many a times hectic & long driving, sitting jobs, disturbed menstrual cycles, few gynecological and spine problems, sports activities, causes backache. To obtain good relief, Kati basti is a good  therapy. Oil fermentation is given on sacral and back region.


It is a genuine Ayurvedic therapy in which medicine is administered though nostrils. In this therapy forehead and face message with light fomentation is done. It is beneficial in chronic sinusitis, head aches, hair loss, insomnia and improving face complexion.

Eye Care Therapy (Netra Tarpanam)

Special Ayurvedic treatment for eyes-stress, dry eyes computer eye syndrome and derk circle around eyes.

Weight Reduction Therapy

To shed your excess body weight, we have a unique weight reduction package. It helps you to lose weight in the most natural way, without any side effects. Under this treatment you are also taught to maintain the reduced weight through proper diet control.

Pregnancy /Post Delivery Care

Ayurveda is a mother care to pregnancy . Mother Nature's protection to mother and child. This treatment is free from toxins and side effects. It is a combination of medicine, food and living style, and some special messages to take care of skin conditions.

Hair Care Therapy

To arrest hair fall & promote hair growth, few sittings of Abhyanga - Swedanam and Shirodhara are advised after proper consultation by Doctor. Effective internal medicines provide proper nutrition and improve hair texture.

Ayurvedic Beauty Care

Cosmetic Treatments are given by Ayurvedic Methods and Ayurvedic Medicine under Expert's Supervision after proper consultaion to achieve good results.


We use Scientifically prepared and Hygienically packed medicines manufactured by sitaram Ayurveda Pharmacy, Thrissur, Kerala, one of the reputed houses of Ayurvedic Medicines manufactures of South India since 1921.



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