Kerala Ayurved ,clinics,massage therapy,beauty treatment,rejuvenation.

Kerala Ayurved ,clinics,massage therapy,beauty treatment,rejuvenation.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.



Ayurvedic Facial:  - With Herbal medicated Oil based cream.

Skin Care:-   To improve skin complexion & skin tone.

Consultation:-   To advise, internal medicines & external treatment for fairer, spotless & glowing skin.        


We have 7 days Special Package for “Prospective Brides & Bride-grooms”.

  • Special Massage- with medicated authentic oils.

  • Special Facial    - with nourishing herbal based, purely natural, creams to have fresh look.

Skin Care:

Your skin needs attention at least twice in a day. The best treatment is available free; drink as much water as possible. Drink warm water first thing in the morning and the last thing at night before  going to sleep.
 Wear loose fitting clothes, as this will help air circulation so much needed for the skin. There are simple distinctive steps for the cultivation and maintenance of beautiful skin.

Cleanliness: This is the first. Using a soft brush or herbal powders and oils containing roughage so that the dead skins are removed. While the cleansing is taking place, the skin is simultaneously treated with a massage.

Nourishment: The skin always requires nourishment. They are prepared packages available but we create our own herbal creams after painstaking scientific research, to help nourish your skin, which is specific for  your skin condition.
In these days of pollution and other irritants, which attack you, your skin requires that extra care. At the end of a long hard day's work a refreshing bath with herbs to tone your skin and relax is all you need on a daily basis. Along with this, you need some special massages with our specially designed
creams as per skin conditions of every person.

Hair Care:

Certain medicated oils with particular massages helps restore falling and the greying of hair. It enhances the growth of lustrous hair, and except in hereditary cases this treatment will not be applicable.
To arrest hair fall & to promote hair growth, Shirodhara massage using different types of medicated oils, medicated butter milk, medicated milk and others to nourish the skin are used. These are prepared by our own practioners who after years of studying the process under scientific methods. Or else we use medicines from Sitaram's of Kerala.


- Specific treatment available to improve hair texture & growth according to ‘Personal Constitution’.

NASYAM- for premature graying & hair fall.

SHIRODHARA- for hair fall ,dandruff.

SHIROBYANGAM- to improve texture & growth.

To arrest hair fall and to promote hair growth. It includes :

ABHYANGA & SWEDANAM (Ayurvedic full body massage and Herbal steam(2 Sittings) + SHIRODHARA (9 Sittings of different medicinal preparations) + NASYAM (Nasal Medication Therapy) + SPECIAL HAIR OIL (Prepared from selective herbs of kerala) + ORAL MEDICATION (one month ayurvedic medicines to provide proper nutrition and to improve hair texture.

DURATION- 1 Month.


*Fat reduction special package Can be designed as per individuals personality*
To shed your excess body weight, we have a unique weight reduction package. It helps you to lose weight in the most natural way, without any side effects. Under this treatment you are also taught to maintain the reduced weight through proper diet control.

Ayurvedic Beauty Care:

Cosmetic Treatments are by Ayurvedic Method and Ayurvedic Medicine under Expert's Supervision after proper consultation to achieve good results.


We use Scientifically prepared and Hygiencally packed medicines manufactured by Sitaram Ayurveda Pharmacy, Thrissur, Kerala, one of the reputed houses of Ayurvedic Medicines manufactueres of the South India since 1921 An 'ISO 9001:2000' certified Company.

We Offer Authentic Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment for

Sterility / Infertility Arthritis, Backache, Spndylitis • Pregnancy & Post Delivery Care Immunity Enhancement • Sport Injury & Sports Fitness Ayurvedic Beauty Care Bridegroom & Bride Health Care Package.

Time: All 7 days 8 a.m. To 8.00 pm.
Phone: 022-26177400 / 26107400

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